Landsberger Daily News (13.6.2008)

His sculptures articulate an extremely sensitive handling the material, which occasionally in largest restraint opposite all too clear formal willingness to act. ...under the hands of Kuntze a stone remains a stone. Kuntze forms the stone and doesn't destroy it. Its sculptures are quietly, fine-intimately, with values and contents mindfully.


Süddeutsche Newspaper (Easter, April 2000)

Under the hands of Kuntze the stone remains a stone. Works only due to his tender veining, his highly shining or silk-matte polishing and naturally his reduced form. Marble lets itself nearly pure also with " Meditation II" experience from red marble from Verona. Because Kuntze of its ingenious reduction remains itself faithful also here. Those altogether 16 sculptures, which are distributed in the areas of the lock property Oberambach, do not only surprise eyes and hands, them give to the viewer also a completely new marble feeling.


Landsberger Daily News (3. December 2001)

Ralf Kuntzes work fascinates on the one hand by the reduction of the form on the substantial..., thereby in large range reveals itself. On the other side, the confrontation with the surface, basically uncovered or accentuated - not polished, without having to squeeze them into other structures...

Nördlinger News (10. March 2001)

With smooth, raised forms of the 300 to 600 million years old materials the artist wants against all fastness and loudness of our time "counteract". Also at the work itself is the tension between peace and unrest to carry to come.

Hannes Schmidt (Writer)

Ralf Kuntzes work give views and open windows into anatomy to the earth.

Buchloer Newspaper (24. September 1998)

… Kuntze handling is deliberately reduced. In his work the sculptor avoids the impression all too large complaisance, he sets on the aesthetics of nature.